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lightthedarkness: (Gentle child)

I believe in a bright future

A future I'll fight for with my all

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Name:Usagi Tsukino ☾ Eternal Sailor Moon
Birthdate:Jun 30
Location:Tokyo, Japan


A self-proclaimed crybaby. She's a crybaby who is a klutz, lazy, procrastinates, is always late to school and functions, spends all her time reading manga or playing video games, has a bottomless pit for a stomach to the point of eating everyone else’s food, and then whines about her own self-induced failures. Except, of course, there's far more than that.

Usagi Tsukino is not just a crybaby. She is pretty soldier Eternal Sailor Moon, Champion of Love and Justice. She is also Princess Serenity, eventual queen of earth.

"Yes. New futures will always continue to be created. And there, light and darkness, war and hope, life and death, joy and pain, will all exist again. Everything, that is this universe" - Usagi

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